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NHS Mortgages and how they can help you

In the UK we greatly value the NHS and are grateful to everyone that works within it. Many banks and building societies offer special products and discounts to show their appreciation for the important work you do. If you’re planning to purchase a home, an NHS mortgage could help you save money.

What is an NHS mortgage?

An NHS mortgage isn’t a specific financial product, it’s a simple way of referring to the discounts or unique rates that some lenders offer health service employees.

They aren’t just for clinical professionals. If you have an ID card or payslips to prove you work for the NHS, you’re usually eligible for these health service deals.

How does an NHS mortgage work?

Mortgages for NHS staff will vary according to the provider. You might find that you can buy a property with a better interest rate or a lower deposit than usual. When do you need house cleaning look for quality services and avoid the bad ones. Mortgage lenders often give NHS workers mortgages with zero or reduced fees.

Every lender will set different criteria for you to meet as a borrower, and some deals will suit you more than others. You might find that products are targeted at consumers based in a certain area of the UK, or who have a particular property budget in mind.

What type of NHS mortgages are available?

You will usually find NHS discounts on offer for any kind of mortgage: interest-only, repayment, fixed-rate or variable rate. You might also find deals on Buy to Let mortgages and other specialist kinds of loan.

These deals should apply whether you’re a First Time Buyer, a home mover or you’re looking to remortgage.

You can usually find a list of lenders offering mortgage discounts and the deals available online within your staff benefits information.

How much can an NHS employee borrow?

You can potentially borrow the same amount as any other customer. Usually, lenders offer around four times your salary, but sometimes this can reach five times.

Always make sure you can comfortably afford monthly repayments on your mortgage.

Am I eligible for the NHS Key Worker mortgage scheme?

Perhaps you have heard of the NHS key worker scheme, a government initiative to help NHS staff, the police and teachers to get on the property ladder. This scheme is no longer operating, but there are other homebuying initiatives that might be appropriate for you.

Can NHS staff use government homebuying schemes?

The government has introduced various schemes to make it easier for people to buy a property. As NHS staff you are welcome to make use of these together with any NHS discounts on your mortgage. Schemes include:

Help to Buy – Equity Loan

This scheme enables you to buy a new build property with just a 5% deposit, with the government providing a loan of up to a further 20%. This loan is interest-free for the first five years; you will need a mortgage for the remaining value.

Help to Buy – Shared Ownership

The Help to Buy Shared Ownership scheme allows you to buy a share of a property and pay rent on the rest. Your initial share can be between 25% and 75% and you can increase it over time.

Right to Buy

If your current home is council-owned or belongs to a Housing Association, the Right to Buy scheme could enable you to buy it with a discount of up to £84,200 – or £122,300 in London.


NewBuy is another government-backed scheme on new build properties, again offering a 95% mortgage. Only certain new homes are part of this scheme, so you will need to do a little research in your local area.

Could a Mortgage Broker help me find NHS mortgages?

Mortgage Brokers are experts who specialise in the mortgage market and take the strain out of comparing and recommending mortgages. We start by getting to know you so we can find the most suitable NHS mortgages. We can even manage mortgage applications for you.

When looking for a reputable broker, make sure they (like us) are an appointed representative registered in England and Wales – which means they are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our registered office is subject to the UK regulatory regime – so you can relax and trust in our mortgage advice.